ACDA Resolution Supports Housing Development on 3,700 Lots

ACDA Board passes resolution to support 3-4 dwelling reclassification to incentivize housing development in Anchorage

The Anchorage Community Development Authority’s Board of Directors voted to support the Anchorage Ordinance to create a classification of residential development for three- and four-dwelling within the classification of one- and two-family dwellings, a zoning initiative that will encourage mid-housing development.

Assemblyman and ACDA Board Member, Daniel Volland, presented on “Bringing Back the Triplex (+1) to the ACDA Board of Directors on November 8, 2023. The presentation emphasized the following challenges: Inefficient use of land, tri-plex is held to the same standard as big box stores, building height vs. stories flexibility, and prohibition of detached dwelling units on the same lot.

“Our Board of Directors recognizes housing issues within our community affects the economics of our City,” said Evelyn Rousso, ACDA past-board Chair. “Title 21 zone use update will be an immediate step toward addressing the problems that restrict our future.”

“We support this reclassification update,” said Mike Robbins, ACDA Executive Director. “ACDA's recent report on “Incentives for Market-Rate Attainable Housing Development” noted that Title 21 requirements are often cited by developers as the most challenging obstacle to building new housing.” “Our community is faced with housing shortages and home pricing and this update will be an important step to addressing our housing issues.”


Founded in 1984, ACDA is a self-funded public corporate authority for the Municipality of Anchorage that facilitates community and economic development opportunities for a vibrant community that builds our city’s future.