Current Projects

Midtown District PLAN

Midtown District Plan

The Midtown District Plan will be reviewing the area-specific issues of the neighborhoods of Midtown, Spenard, and North Star.

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Great Streets Façade Loan Program

Great Streets Façade Loan Program

The Anchorage Community Development Authority recognizes that healthy business districts play an important role in the vitality of Anchorage and understands there are many challenges that businesses can face.

The ACDA Great Streets Façade Loan Program aims to help revitalize business districts, in Muldoon, Downtown and Midtown by providing low-interest loans to improve the appearance of building façades and stimulate private investment.

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Block 96 Flats

This private public partnership with Debenham Properties will build the first market rate multi use housing in this neighborhood of downtown in forty years. The project will include 44 units consisting of studios and one bedroom apartments. The project is being constructed at 8th & K on land owned by ACDA.

6th Avenue Hotel

This private public partnership with a group of local investors is creating a 156 room boutique hotel combined with 32 apartments will be hosted on the current transit center site and will feature a modernized People Mover office.

Past Projects

Midtown Business Improvement District Study

Midtown Business Improvement District Study

A partnership project between the Midtown business and property owners and ACDA to study the potential formation of a Business Improvement District.

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Northpointe Bluff

ACDA completed the Northpointe Bluff Subdivision, creating a vibrant new community on government Hill.

Notice: Both Northpoint Bluff Drive and Northbluff Drive (just northeast of Northpointe Dr.) are part of this project. Northbluff Drive is pictured above.

Glenn Square Retail Center

The development of a retail center on the 25 acres parcel is a key part of the revitalization efforts in the Mountain View neighborhood. ACDA worked with a private developer to integrate local and new businesses, provide new employment opportunities, enhance property values, improve the aesthetics of the area and create positive, sustainable economic growth.