Hmong Festival Comes to Downtown Anchorage

The Hmong Festival will be having its event in downtown Anchorage on August 20-21, 2022.

The event includes celebrating the traditional Hmong New Year, recognition of the Alaskan Hmong Veterans, fresh produce, food, and traditional goods for sale from the Pena Market, traditional ball tossing, “Pov pob”, for the youth, celebration of traditional clothing wear, and musical entertainment.

The festival will be located at EasyPark’s Chinook parking located at 225 E Street and will run from 10am-10pm.  Free public parking will be available on the east side of the parking lot.

“The Hmong Festival is a great event addition for downtown Anchorage,” said Executive Director Mike Robbins. “We are focused on activating our underutilized parking spaces and transforming them into positive places for the public to enjoy.”

For more information about the event, please contact May Ramirez-Xiong at or join the Facebook event via


Contact: Melinda Gant

Phone: 297-4415