Housing and Economic Development Bill Passes Unanimously that Benefits Cities Across Alaska

Today, the Alaska Senate passed Senate Bill 179, marking a significant legislative victory for cities across Alaska and the Municipality of Anchorage. This bill incorporates key tax abatement language from the previously proposed Senate Bill 77, ensuring that critical housing and community development projects can advance throughout the city. This aligns with the constitutional goal of promoting "maximum local self-government."

The Anchorage Community Development Authority (ACDA), which played a pivotal role in advocating for these provisions, is enthusiastic about the bill's passage. Mike Robbins, the Executive Director of ACDA, praised state lawmakers for their leadership. "Although SB77 did not pass on its own, the essential provisions we supported were successfully integrated into SB179. This strategic legislative adjustment will have no financial consequences for the State and will not negatively impact education. Instead, it's expected to boost development and expand the tax base in Anchorage," said Robbins.

The ACDA remains committed to driving economic development by delivering high-quality private/public projects and innovative parking mobility services. SB179 empowers Alaskan municipalities and cities to independently determine how best to provide incentives that stimulate development within their communities.

"We are pleased to see our efforts to foster growth through strategic legislative advocacy come to fruition. This new legislation enables us to continue our mission of revitalizing and economically empowering the Municipality of Anchorage," Robbins added.

Recognition is deserved by the original sponsors of SB77, Senator Forrest Dunbar, Senator Matt Claman, Representative Julie Coulombe, Representative Jesse Sumner, and the dedicated members of our community who wrote letters, testified, and supported our efforts, including Bill Falsey, Bill Taylor, Shaun Debenham, Mayor Glenda Ledford, John Weddleton, Mark Begich, Alaska Municipal League, Bill Popp and the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation, Tom Anderson, Kristine Bunnell, Chris Schutte, Larry Cash, Garry White and the Sitka Economic Development Association, Bruce Bustamante and the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce, Eric Visser and the Alaska State Home Building Association, Kyle Smith and Eklutna, Inc., Shanna Zuspan, and Hugh Ashlock. “We extend our heartfelt thanks to these and others whose commitment was instrumental in achieving this legislative success,” said Robbins.


Founded in 1984, ACDA is a self-funded public corporate authority for the Municipality of Anchorage that facilitates community and economic development opportunities for a vibrant community that builds our city’s future.