Innovative Housing Solution Arrives in Downtown Anchorage: Block 96 Open House Announced



Wednesday, March27, 2024 – Anchorage, AK


Innovative Housing Solution Arrives inDowntown Anchorage: Block 96 Open House Announced


Anchorage, AK– Debenham, LLC, in partnership with the Anchorage Community DevelopmentAuthority (ACDA), is thrilled to announce an open house for Block 96, downtownAnchorage's pioneering public-private partnership (P3) housing project. Thislandmark initiative aims to enhance the urban landscape by providingmuch-needed housing for the city’s working class.


Event Details:

Date: Friday,March 29, 2024

Time: 10:00a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Location: 1000W 8th Avenue (Block 96), Common Room, 2nd Floor


Additional Notes:

Attendees willbe treated to an exclusive tour of the new facilities, beginning in thebeautifully appointed common room on the second floor. Delicious bakery goodsfrom Fire Island Bakery, the newest culinary addition to downtown Anchoragelocated adjacent to the Block 96 project, will be provided.


About Block 96:

Block 96introduces 48 modern apartment homes into the heart of Anchorage, offering asignificant boost to the area's housing availability. This project was realizedthrough a collaborative effort involving ACDA, Debenham, LLC, Brownfield Grants,the downtown property tax incentive by the Municipality of Anchorage, and anACDA loan option approved by the Anchorage Assembly.


Statements from Project Leaders:

•           Shaun Debenham, Owner of Debenham,LLC: “This project represents the culmination of countless hours of dedicatedwork from all stakeholders. My deepest gratitude goes to everyone involved inbringing Block 96 to life.”

•           Mayor Bronson: "Block 96 is aprime example of what we can achieve when we work together toward a commongoal. This development not only provides much-needed housing but also serves asa beacon of our administration's commitment to fostering a thriving, dynamicdowntown Anchorage."

•           Mike Robbins, Executive Director ofACDA: “With Block 96, we're not just building apartments; we're laying down the foundation for our city's future. This project underscores our unwavering commitment to supporting development that benefits all Anchorage residents.”



Launched in March 2022, the $11.6 million Block 96 project provides 48 apartment units with structured parking, creating sixty construction jobs and two permanent full-time positions, further contributing to the local economy.




About ACDA


Founded in1984, ACDA is a self-funded public corporate authority for the Municipality ofAnchorage that facilitates community and economic development opportunities fora vibrant community that builds our city’s future.


Contact:  Melinda Gant, Director of CommunityDevelopment & External Affairs

Phone: 297-4417